NETRIS Pharma focuses its activities on Dependence Receptors in oncology

and the therapeutic potential of interfering with the ligand-receptor interaction

Dependence receptors are often downregulated as a selective mechanism to allow tumor cell survival (i.e. DCC is deleted in colorectal cancer). However, it has been shown that in a large fraction of cancers, rather than losing receptor expression, the cancer cells are selecting an autocrine production of the dependence receptor ligand.

The therapeutic strategy is thus to block the interaction between the ligand and its Dependence Receptor, to re-induce tumor cell death and consequently reduce tumor mass. This strategy falls within the framework of targeted therapies. Biomarkers are being developed to identify patients who may benefit from this approach.

The relevance of the strategy has been validated through several “animal proof of concept” experiments. By using several in vivo models of cancerogenesis in mice, NETRIS Pharma has shown that drug candidates targeting the various ligands of dependence receptors inhibits tumor growth and metastasis development.