The vision of NETRIS Pharma is to make a significant contribution to the development of innovative therapeutic molecules for treating cancer by targeting Dependence Receptors. We are dedicated to translate outstanding research into innovation and beneficial treatment for patients. Our mission is to identify and develop drugs designed to effectively restore Dependence Receptor apoptosis signaling pathway; and provide novel and effective solutions for difficult-to-treat cancers. NETRIS Pharma is a pioneer in the field of Dependence Receptor and is establishing itself as the international reference in this domain.


The company is located in Lyon (France) within the Léon Bérard comprehensive cancer center from which NETRIS Pharma is the first spin-off. Through its translational and clinical research activity, NETRIS Pharma represents an essential link between both the basic and the clinical research performed by the Léon Bérard Center. The company leverages on the unique facilities of the research cancer center to accelerate the development of innovative solutions in the clinic for the benefit of the patients.


NETRIS Pharma is also a partner in several “investissements d’avenir” programs such as the “Laboratory of excellence” DEVweCAN, the “Equipement of excellence” PhenoCan and the Convergence Institute PLASCAN.