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Our Vision

The vision of NETRIS Pharma is to provide novel therapeutic solutions to patients suffering from cancer. Our mission is to translate cutting-edge and multi-award-winning science exploring the concept of dependence receptors and cancer cell death into innovative drugs designed to effectively restore cancer cell death, limit cancer cell plasticity, and alleviate resistance to current antiproliferative treatments such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. The company leverages more than 20 years of research and unique understanding of the mode-of-action of Dependence Receptors to develop innovative drugs.


At the Core of Clinical Excellence

The company is located in Lyon (France) within the Léon Bérard Comprehensive Cancer Center from which NETRIS Pharma is the first spin-off. As such, by leveraging on the exceptional environment and unique research and clinical platforms of the Center, the Company is illustrating the strength of combining the excellence of the academic and biotechnology worlds. NETRIS Pharma is also a Partner of several “investissements d’avenir” programs such as the “Laboratory of excellence” DEVweCAN, the Convergence Institute PLASCAN and the RHU DepGyn. The Company also internationally collaborates with many world-renowned Academic institutions and Pharma Companies.

Our Impact

NETRIS Pharma intents to provide increasing clinical benefit to patients, who are not responding well to anti-proliferative therapies by opening new avenues to fight resistance to current approved anti-cancer drugs. NETRIS Pharma is providing safer treatments to patients by developing new drugs targeting moieties, that are only expressed by the tumor. NETRIS Pharma is also contributing to the advancement of science in its field by organizing the world’s conference dedicated to mechanisms of cancer cell resistance through the Dependence Receptors paradigm gathering leading researchers, academic institutions, and Pharma companies. As part of its mission, the Company also welcomes smart and motivated PhD students.


Our Team

Our team combines a wealth of complementary experience in basic to translational research, clinical development, and corporate activities, both within academic centers of excellence and within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


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