ANR granted the RHU DEPGYN project

By 28 juin 2019Actualités, News

NETRIS Pharma is pleased to announce that the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) allocated a 6.6 M€ grant to the RHU DEPGYN project aiming to develop new therapeutic approaches targeting the dependence receptors in gynecological cancers.

This project will be coordinated by Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, Director of  the Léon Bérard comprehensive cancer center, and will consist in collaboration with NETRIS Pharma and Deeplink Medical (i) in performing a clinical POC exploring the netrin-1 mAb in combination with anti-cancer drugs and ICPI in gynecological cancers, renowned for their poor prognosis in advanced stages and for the lack of efficient systemic therapies. Additional aims include (ii) improving general knowledge on DRs in the biology of human cancers in vivoand the associated MoA of interfering with netrin-1/DR interactions, as well as (iii) to perform an ambitious ancillary/translational program to identify biomarkers of efficacy for each netrin-1 mAb/combination treatment.

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