NP137, a first-in-class, first-in-Human, humanized monoclonal antibody of IgG1 isotype directed against netrin-1, is the first  drug candidate developed by NETRIS Pharma.

NP137 prevents the binding of Netrin-1 to UNC5B Receptor, hereby, re-inducing cancer cell death.

Based on:

  • Forcet et al. 2001, PNAS 104, 1212-22
  • Tang et al. 2008, Nat Cell Biol., 10, 698-706
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Scientific literature confirms that Netrin-1 is up-regulated in a large variety of cancers:

Anti-cancer effects both as standalone and in combination with chemotherapy or immune checkpoints have been demonstrated during preclinical experiments.


Phase I dose escalation met primary safety and tolerability endpoints, but also demonstrated encouraging clinical signs of anti-tumor activity, including prolonged stable disease and objective response.