NETRIS Pharma is awarded €3.9m to Lead the Development of a Novel Therapy in Endometriosis

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EndoNETherapy aims at delivering the First Non-Hormonal Disease Modifying Therapy for patients suffering from Endometriosis

May 23rd, 2024 – LYON, France – NETRIS Pharma, a clinical-stage private biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of drugs targeting both oncology and inflammatory diseases associated with NETRIN-1 over-expression, today announces the launch of a new development program in endometriosis. This disease affects nearly one in ten women and is characterized by the presence of uterine tissue outside the uterus, potentially leading to chronic pain or fertility issues. Current treatments options are limited to hormonal symptomatic therapies, pain relief medications with limited efficacy, or surgery.

EndoNETherapy aims at delivering the first non-hormonal disease modifying treatment with a monoclonal antibody developed by NETRIS Pharma targeting Netrin-1, a protein overexpressed in endometriosis lesions.

“This project is driven by a solid scientific approach, with the combination of evidences confirming the overexpression of Netrin-1 in endometriosis lesions and publications describing the role of the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in the development of endometriosis”, indicates Dr. Patrick MEHLEN, CEO and co-founder of NETRIS Pharma. “The benefit of NETRIS Pharma anti-Netrin-1 was shown on both the size of the lesions and pain associated with the disease in experimental models, supporting a comprehensive development in this indication” added Dr. Patrick MEHLEN.

Christine ROUSSET-JABLONSKI, Principal Investigator from Centre Léon Bérard and Hospices Civils de Lyon, confirms the clinical interest for the approach : “Women affected by the disease often suffer from incapacitating pain, which is a source of fatigue, stress, depression and frequent absenteeism, with a profound impact on the physical, mental and social health. To date, no medical treatment has been developed to cure endometriosis, and the current medical approach focusing mainly on pain reduction, hormonal therapy or surgery is unsatisfactory. Although these treatments can relieve symptoms, they often have a diminishing effectiveness over time, and do not address the causes of the disease. A disease modifying therapy would be a major step forward”.

This project is led by NETRIS Pharma in consortium with Deeplink Medical, a fast-growing company developing platforms online solutions (such as imaging and medical questionnaire management) to improve patient care worldwide by connecting healthcare professionals around their patients.

This project is funded by BPI under the “Innovation in Biotherapies and Bioproduction” scheme within France 2030. “We thank our Partner BPI and its collaborators for their effective diligence in instructing this project and look forward to sharing the progress in the development of this new therapeutic solution”, concluded Christophe GUICHARD, CFO of NETRIS Pharma.

About NETRIS Pharma

NETRIS Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapeutic molecules targeting NETRIN-1. The target is aberrantly expressed in cancer cells and triggers EMT, one of the main cause of resistance to oncology therapies. NETRIN- 1 has also been reported in other proliferation disorders such as endometriosis and fibrosis. Our lead product is the most advanced product candidate targeting NETRIN-1.

Further information can be found at :  https://www.netrispharma.com

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