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NETRIS Pharma is pleased to announce the arrival of Frédéric Le Bras, MD; as the new company Chief Medical Officer. Graduated from René Descartes University in Paris, Frédéric obtained his oncology degree from the Gustave Roussy Institute and mainly worked in pharmaceutical industries in medical affairs, in oncology, rare diseases and immunology, both in France and in Europe.

“We are very excited to welcome Frederic at NETRIS Pharma” comments Patrick Mehlen, CEO. “Frédéric has a very large experience in the pharmaceutical industry to conduct clinical trial. His timely venue will be instrumental especially when considering the upcoming combination trials that will soon start with our lead asset NP137”.

After 29 years spent in oncology and in specialty care in big pharma, Frédéric is very enthusiastic to join NETRIS Pharma: “Not only the great hope of developing a first-in-class compound bringing new hopes in cancer is an exciting challenge but bringing my expertise to a very scientific and dynamic French human-size clinical stage company in Oncology is definitively a new personal project ” says Frédéric, adding that “Oncology is like a marathon: you have to start running as fast as you can without forgetting the long way you still have to run.”